Services we offer

We specialize in specific issue crime related polygraph exams and we also often do pre-employment and periodic polygraph exams.

A polygraph exam in real life is a long and complex procedure requiring specialized training, qualifications, testing equipment and computer scoring software.  An untrained member of the public cannot simply buy or hire a polygraph instrument. In addition, proper and formal internationally recognized training is absolutely required and necessary to be able to administer and interpret a polygraph test.  We are fully trained and qualified (in the U.S.A., not in S.A.) and we are university graduates.  We use modern, state-of-the-art specialized fully digital computer polygraph instruments and we have invested in additional specialized computer scoring software which provides an objective and independent score.

Specific issue polygraph exams

This type of test is considered to be the most accurate as it deals with one event/issue only.  It is done as part of an investigation following a specific event or incident, for example money that went missing from a safe.  The test questions will be very specific and direct and will focus on one particular event or incident only.

Examples of specific issue test questions would be:
•   Did you steal that money?
•   Did you arrange with anyone to steal that money?
•   Do you know for sure who exactly stole that money?

Pre-employment polygraph exams

This type of test is of crucial importance to ensure that an applicant who is a serious security risk is identified and prevented from being employed, thus avoiding costly and lengthy legal battles later when attempting to dismiss/fire such an employee.  This type of polygraph exam is done as part of a screening/selection process before employing a new employee and will focus on several aspects of importance to the particular client, based on their particular needs.

Examples of test questions would be:
•   Did you ever steal any stock or cash from any of your employers?
•   Did you withhold from your application any adverse information?
•   Did you ever have any addiction to any illegal drug?

Periodic / random polygraph exams

This type of polygraph exam is done as a preventative measure to ensure that employees and/or service provider employees (e.g. contracted security officers, cleaning staff etc.) are regularly monitored for crime and/or misconduct whilst on duty.  This type of test helps to routinely or randomly confirm the honesty and trustworthiness of employees as also helps to identify employees who have committed previously undetected serious crime and/or serious misconduct in the workplace.  The test questions will focus on several general aspects of importance to the particular client and will usually include questions about involvement in crime whilst on-duty, e.g. workplace theft.

Examples of test questions would be:
•   During the past 6 months, did you in any manner physically steal any money or any stock whilst on-duty?
•   During the past 6 months, did you arrange or co-operate with anyone to steal from your employer?
•   Do you know for sure of anyone not known to management who stole at your workplace during the past 6 months?