Arranging polygraph testing

As we are constantly busy we work by appointment only.

Just like any other service business we sometimes experience last-minute client cancellations and we would then be able to provide a testing slot at very short notice, e.g. the same day or the next day.  We can normally provide a testing slot within two or three working days of an appointment being requested.

Before making an appointment please note the following important requirements:

  1. The person to be tested must be properly consulted (not just told or instructed) about the intended polygraph exam, to ensure that he/she would be completely willing to provide written consent to the polygraph examiner.  If a person is misled to undergo a test, or if he/she refuses, the polygraph session will be terminated and the appointment would have to be paid for in full.
  1. Determine if an interpreter is needed and inform us accordingly, beforehand.  If the person to be tested is not completely fluent in English or Afrikaans, he/she would have a right to have an interpreter present.  The interpreter must be an independent person who is trained and experienced in the complexities of polygraph exam language interpretation and must be approved by the polygraph examiner beforehand.
  1. Determine if the person to be tested is/would be reasonably well-rested and reasonably healthy.  We cannot test someone who has not had sufficient sleep the night before, someone who is emotionally upset, someone who is ill or injured, someone who is in pain, someone who is distressed, someone who smells of alcohol, and a female who is pregnant.  If a person is found to be unsuitable for testing, the polygraph session will be terminated and the appointment would have to be paid for in full.
  1. Obtain a quotation from us as well as a copy of our TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SERVICE, so that you know precisely the relevant cost implications as well as all of our requirements/terms & conditions.  In order to provide you with a valid and binding quote, please download and complete this FORM and send it to us.  We cannot provide a valid and binding quote without your completed form.
  1. Contact us to request an appointment date and time once you have adequately dealt with the above points 1 to 4 and once you have carefully read our terms and conditions document and formal quotation.
  1. Provide us with the relevant facts needed/case background, e.g. if it is a theft, the approximate date and place/address, what was stolen, the value etc.